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Based in Portland, Oregon, Komak is a nonprofit organization that provides immediate and interim financial assistance to individuals and families in the Portland area who have been impacted by cancer.  A cancer diagnosis affects every aspect of a patient’s life. Focusing on treatment and well-being leaves little time to devote to cancer’s effects on finances, family, and caregiver needs. For many, choosing to pay for cancer treatments means not paying for the rent, utilities, food, and other everyday necessities.   At Komak ….

  • we are all Volunteers which allows us
  • to provide 96% of our funds towards our clients needs

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Komak raises funds through   sponsorships with local and national businesses as well as through our events.

Upcoming Events 2016

  • June 11 ….Persian Cooking Class
  • June 26 …Russian Cooking Class
  • September 24 …..Wine, Dine & Dart Extravaganza

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About Us

Komak Cares

Besides household bills, many cancer patients are faced with expenses that insurance doesn’t cover or that result from their inability to sustain full-time employment. Finding financial support, as well as help with everyday activities, can be challenging. Many patients fall through the cracks, leaving them devastated financially. Komak bridges this gap, providing assistance until patients and their families can get back on their feet.

Our Mission

Komak is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation founded and organized with the primary mission of providing interim financial assistance to qualified individuals with cancer and who are in need of immediate assistance.

Our Vision

Komak makes it possible for a qualified client to be assisted with short-term medical care and related situations not covered by insurers; avert potentially catastrophic financial circumstances; and, equally important, retain a quality of life and a sense of dignity.

Our Stories

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Komak’s eligibility process commences when an individual is referred to our organization, usually through a community service organization or their doctor.

To be considered for our services, applicants must demonstrate that:

1.      You or someone in your immediate family has cancer and are undergoing treatment

2.      You are unable to work full or part time and experiencing a financial hardship

3.      You have a definable gap, meaning a persons expenses clearly exceed their income

4.      You live in the Portland metro area.  This includes those who reside within a 50-mile radius of  Portland, but excludes the state of Washington                                

5.     You have financial savings from any source not in excess of $20,000.  Clients with accumulated  financial savings in excess of $20,000 should contact Komak at  for possible consideration

Prospective clients must complete a thorough and confidential eligibility application, which includes questions about employment, monthly income and expenses, household assets and other sources of assistance.

The Board reviews each applicant’s case, often conducting a phone interview and in-person interview before making a final decision on eligibility.